Prenatal Yoga

Sunday 10am-11am

The Pad Studios, 1694 Union st, San Francisco, CA 94123


Postnatal Yoga

Wednesday 10:30am-11:30am

The Pad Studios, 1694 Union st, San Francisco, CA 94123 


This hour of Yoga will be specifically designed for the pregnant mom looking to connect with her breath and body, fostering physical well-being and mental peace during pregnancy. Classes will be tailored to meet the need of the expecting mother. The practice will help your baby grow with devotion, protection and nourishment along the way.



This class is designed to help rebuild your strength after the many changes the body undergoes during pregnancy. Learn to honor these changes and modify your practice as needed. Poses will be given to address issues such as diastasis, weak pelvic floor, sciatica, tight shoulders and neck from lifting and feeding your baby. Take a moment out of your day for yourself to re-center, heal and meet other mothers! Pre-crawling babies welcome.