Are you an Expectant Mother who is interested in gaining some guidance? Hire a Doula to gain valuable support and information on this journey of a life time.

A Doula is there to offer support during labor for you and your partner. I act as a labor Coach and help to make your experience as comfortable as possible. A Doula also helps the birth partner feel confident and allows for him/her to have some breaks if Labor is long.

Now a days it is rare for the doctor to be in the room the entire time, as s a Doula I will be by your side with your partner so you have continuous support. Some examples of how I offer support to you are by offering coping techniques like massages from your partner or myself, guidance on how to use of the birth ball, suggesting different positions to help labor progress, breath coaching, visualizations and ensure you are getting enough liquids and electrolytes to stay hydrated and energized. I can also guide you through some Yoga for Labor should you want it!

As part of my services I offer 2 Prenatal Visits to meet you and your partner  to discuss and prepare you for Labor and delivery. We will talk about techniques you think you might like and get a sense of how you envision your experience. The three of us will talk about your likes and dislikes and how to set up the scene to best suit your needs.

Upon Early Labor I will either come to your home or meet at the hospital depending on your needs and situation. If I come to your home for Early Labor then we will monitor your contractions and once we believe that they are signaling active labor then your partner will call the health care provider to see if you are ready to be admitted into the hospital or birthing center where I will accompany you.

I will also make one Postnatal visit to check in on you and your baby and to see how breastfeeding is going.  I will visit you and your new family once you are settled and we can go over your birth story. This is a nice way to wrap up the journey.

There have been many studies reporting that when people use a Doula during labor there is a better chance of lower intervention, a shorter labor and overall a more enjoyable experience for you and your partner. 

I completed my Dona Doula training in San Francisco by Debra Levin. In addition to my Doula training I bring 6 years of Prenatal Yoga experience  and a passion for helping Mamas to be to your birth team!

I can’t imagine my difficult birthing experience without the incredible care and support from Sarah. Her holistic background in health and wellness, coupled with her innate loving nature, made Sarah the perfect addition to our labour team. I would highly recommend Sarah for first time mothers or seasoned parents looking for a knowledgeable, empowering and hilarious doula to join you on this life changing journey.
— Anya Embury, Mother
Sarah you were a great help in one very tough, long, labour. My wife, new daughter and I couldn’t have done it without you.
— Doug Embury, Father
Sarah was incredibly supportive and caring throughout my pregnancy and labor and delivery. My experience began with Sarah’s prenatal yoga program which was instrumental in preparing me for the delivery of my daughter. As my due date approached, Sarah’s doula experience was extremely helpful to my husband and I when complications with my pregnancy arose. She helped us to understand all of our options and to feel empowered to make well-informed decisions regarding the birth of our daughter. During my labor, Sarah introduced several positions and exercises that helped me to manage my contractions and to encourage the labor process. It was wonderful having Sarah as part of my labor team!
— Keri Palladino, Mother
We’re both doing great and I swear that taking your classes really helped with my labor and postpartum recovery, so thank you so much!
— Brittney Olsen, Mother (Prenatal Yoga Student)